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Watson Macrae Gallery 2012
All Male Review

Michael St. Amand, Michael Beauchemin, Lawrence Voytek,
Len Cowgill

Punctum Contra Punctum 2012
Live Television Interview
Tbilisi Georgia and Exhibition Video

Peace & Flambe'VIP Night 2008
Art Happening
Lawrence Voytek, Kat Epple, Michael St. Amand

2D / 3D Exhibition
Michael St. Amand
& Christopher Poehlmann

SoCo Center for the Arts
Solo exhibition

& Projects

Michael St Amand
Slave to Vanity

Peace & Flambe' 2007 - 2008
Art Happening

Lawrence Voytek, Kat Epple, Michael St. Amand


Michael St Amand
Slave To Vanity
Opening Night 2010

St. Amand Stuff 1990

Ever Changing Moods Exhibition 1985




The Georgian National Museum - Michael St Amand Tbilisi Georgia

Michael Vincent Manalo, Gega Paksashvili, Marco Nicolas Heinzen, Emilio Merlina, Evelin Juen, Edouard Mortec, Andreas Oetker-Kast, Maka Razmadze, Alex Berdysheff, David Andriadze, Karin Angele, Michael St. Amand, Teresa Neal, Joao Santos,
Lela Tsitsuashvili, Vugar Muradov

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