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Watson Macrae Gallery 2012
All Male Review

Michael St. Amand, Michael Beauchemin, Lawrence Voytek,
Len Cowgill

Punctum Contra Punctum 2012
Live Television Interview
Tbilisi Georgia and Exhibition Video

Peace & Flambe'VIP Night 2008
Art Happening
Lawrence Voytek, Kat Epple, Michael St. Amand

2D / 3D Exhibition
Michael St. Amand
& Christopher Poehlmann

SoCo Center for the Arts
Solo exhibition

& Projects

Michael St Amand
Slave to Vanity

Peace & Flambe' 2007 - 2008
Art Happening

Lawrence Voytek, Kat Epple, Michael St. Amand


Michael St Amand
Slave To Vanity
Opening Night 2010

St. Amand Stuff 1990

Ever Changing Moods Exhibition 1985

VIP Night Opening - Peace and Flambe, 01-18-2008
Photos By: Ed Chappell
b_peaceandflambe_lawrence_voytek bob rauschenberg berne davis bob_rauschenberg_kat_epple
Peace and Flambe Berne Davis and Bob Rauschenberg Bob Rauschenberg and Kat Epple
bob_rauschenberg_kat_epple_peace ed_chappell_rauschenberg_beverly_brennan_stamand f_lawrence_voytek
Bob Rauschenberg and Kat Epple Ed Chappell, Bob Rauschenberg,
Michael St. Amand and Kat Epple
Lawrence Voytek
f_lawrence_voytek1 f_lawrence_voytek_commander f_lawrence_voytek_preformance_2
f_lawrence_voytek_prefromance fran_fenning_rauschenberg_john_fenning lawrence_voytek_bob_rauschenberg_mary_voytek
Lawrence Voytek Fran Fenning, Bob Rauschenberg
and John Fenning
Lawrence Voytek,
Bob Rauschenberg
and Mary Voytek
lawrence_voytek_robert_rauschenberg rauschenberg,stamand_epple  
Robert Rauschenberg & Lawrence Voyek         Robert Rauschenberg,
Michael St. Amand
and Kat Epple
a_outside_tower b_IMG_1525 b_IMG_1526
b_IMG_1527 b_IMG_1537 b_IMG_1545
b_IMG_1546 b_IMG_1557 b_IMG_1561
b_IMG_1564 b_IMG_1567 b_IMG_1568
b_artscenter_tower_lights b_img_1555 b_lawrence_voytek_sculpture


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