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Watson Macrae Gallery 2012
All Male Review

Michael St. Amand, Michael Beauchemin, Lawrence Voytek,
Len Cowgill

Punctum Contra Punctum 2012
Live Television Interview
Tbilisi Georgia and Exhibition Video

Peace & Flambe'VIP Night 2008
Art Happening
Lawrence Voytek, Kat Epple, Michael St. Amand

2D / 3D Exhibition
Michael St. Amand
& Christopher Poehlmann

SoCo Center for the Arts
Solo exhibition

& Projects

Michael St Amand
Slave to Vanity

Peace & Flambe' 2007 - 2008
Art Happening

Lawrence Voytek, Kat Epple, Michael St. Amand


Michael St Amand
Slave To Vanity
Opening Night 2010

St. Amand Stuff 1990

Ever Changing Moods Exhibition 1985

Michael St. Amand - Photos (click on any photo to enlarge)

1_michael_st_amand_studio_1-2013_ct georgia_rusta_tv_tbilisi_ kat_epple_michael_laurence_getford_linda_lawrence_voytek_scope_2010
Michael St. Amand Studio Live Television Scope, Miami, 2010
kat_epple_michael_st_amand_cheri_tyner michael_st_amand_georgian_national_museum_ranie_lagemann_2013 michael_st_amand_push_ge
Kat Epple, Michael St. Amand & Cheri Tyner Georgian National Museum Don Quixote
michel_st_amand_us_embassy_tbilisi_republic_hospital_install signaghi_museum_michael_st_amand_7_2013_1 signaghi_museum_setup_1
Children's Republic Hospital Tbilisi Signaghi Museum Solo Exhibition Signaghi Museum Solo Exhibition Set Up
Robert Rauschenberg Michael St Amand Michael St Amand Merce Cunningham Lawrence Voytek Michael St Amand Alex Berdy Scheff Interview The Georgian National Museum Tbilisi Georgia
Bob Rauschenberg &
Michael St. Amand
Michael St. Amand, Merce Cunningham & Lawrence Voytek Michael St. Amand & Alex Berdysheff
Michael St Amand Kat Epple Lawrence Voytek Michelle Tricca Gertrude Barrer Michael St Amand Peter Spano Olga Hirshhorn and Michael St. Amand 2013
Michael St. Amand, Kat Epple, Lawrence Voytek & Michelle Tricca Michael St. Amand, Gertrude Barrer & Peter Spano Michael St. Amand &
Olga Hirshhorn
5joan_rivers_untitled_orchids_2007 6_lawrence_voytek_kat_epple Ed Chappell Dee Dee Michael Tim Smith Laury Getford At the Robert Rauschenberg Celebration - Memorial - 062108
Joan Rivers with Untitled Orchids Lawrence Voytek, Kat Epple &
Michael St. Amand
Ed Chappell, Didi Burden, Michael St. Amand, Tim Smith, Laurence Getford
8_harvey_hubbell 9_beverly_brennan DSC00153
Michael St. Amand & Harvey Hubbell V Alex Berdysheff, Cheri Tyner, Michael St. Amand Michael St. Amand & Laurence Getford
katepple_michaelstamand_hollywood_2005 michael_sherry_lawrence_2003 michele_longo_hollywood
Michael St. Amand & Kat Epple Michael St. Amand, Sherry Rohl &
Lawrence Voytek
Michele St. Amand - Longo , Michael St. Amand
T Scott Stromberg Michael St Amand St Petersberg Gran Prix 04 2008 Ferarri Jeff Brennan  Michael St Amand
Michael St. Amand & T. Scott Stromberg St. Pete Grand Prix Michael St. Amand & Jeff Brennan
mikekat Robert Natkin Michael St Amand sharon_stone_oracle
Michael St. Amand & Kat Epple Michael St. Amand & Robert Natkin Sharon Stone with Oracle
stamand2 stamand_familynew_york_1991 zc__dall_11
St. Amand @ Stonehendge The St. Amand Family 1303 Group Exhibition

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